Weather Up Happy Hour

Weather Up

The Timing
Sunday-Thursday 4-7

$7 cocktails;

$2 off plates

Happy young people who like drinking in the presence of sunflowers, 20 and 30-somethings celebrating life events, those that like the cool slow pace of E. Cesar Chavez

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Weather Up looks like just another random house along Cesar Chavez with a big ‘ol empty dirt lot next to it, but don’t be fooled! Come in through their gates and find yourself in their expansive territory [honesty, I’m not sure what they’re gonna do with all this adjacent open land].

The patio space is generous and the happy hour crowd was relatively thin [at least when we were there] . Translation: feel free to bring your masses along with you – they’ve got the space to accommodate. The $7 drinks are nothing short of spectacular. The Drink Chicks ordered a sampling of nearly all of them. The verdict: each drink was subtly delicious in it’s own way.

The taste of La Nina is reminiscent of an island cocktail [think rum, lime, strawberry, slush], but looks classy enough to grace the palm of Michelle Obama circa inauguration ball 2009 [the epitome of class]. The Green Point, Seabrooke, and El Camino were all equally spot-on.

Per their website there’s a “bartender’s choice,” which probably would have been just as great. Snacks are discounted by $2; which ain’t the cheapest, but we’ll take it. Some of our crew sampled the harissa & hazelnut crostini [note the cute silverware pics below]. Oh, and make sure to check out the juxtaposition between the patio and interior space. It’s actually quite adorable in there.

Drink well, drink cheap

Weather Up
4pm – 12pm / brunch Sat & Sun 11-3:30

1808 East Cesar Chavez

Phone: 512-524-0464