The Lost Well Happy Hour

The Quick & Dirty

Happy Hour
4-9 daily: $3 wells & most drafts, $4 call cocktails
“everything is discounted”

The Scene
Surprisingly friendly biker bar, lots of regulars


Tell Me More

The Lost Well is so quintessentially neighborhood bar that when I bring someone here for the first time they inevitably say “This reminds me of a bar I loved in [insert pre-Austin home town here (It’s East Nashville for me)].”

The decor is eclectic and artfully disturbed. It’s packed with character without looking at all contrived. The lineup at the bar consists mostly of tattooed regulars, but it’s not the kind of place to give you the side eye just for being new.

When we asked about happy hour the bartender said “everything is discounted” which, while vague, was charming and accurate. Drinks are affordable and stiff on or off happy hour so this is a great place to start your weekend off right. My favorite spot at The Lost Well is the spacious patio. It’s casual and comfortable, and a great place to make eyes at someone of whom your mother would not approve.

Stray Observations

  • There’s a helmet rack by the door which both reminds you of the average clientele and functions as a really convenient feature more places should include.
  • Like something on the wall? Ask questions. It led us to tons of origin stories of signs rescued from other old Austin establishments and other fun provenances.
  • Who needs a purse hook in the bathroom stall when you have non-working basin sink? Problem f-ing solved.
  • We’ll definitely be back at The Lost Well. If you run across us, buy a girl a drink; it’s only $4.

xo, Kyla

The Lost Well

Open Daily 4pm-2am