Lucy’s Fried Chicken Happy Hour

Lucy’s Fried Chicken

The Quick & Dirty

The Deets
Monday all day: $4 house margs & $1 Lone Star
Tuesday all day: $3 pints & $2 off wine
Wednesday all day: $1 Pearl & $5 Juicy Lucy
Thursday 11-7: $3.50 Texas craft bottles & cans
Friday 11-7: $3 wells
Saturday & Sunday 1–7: $3.50 salty dogs, screwdrivers & mimosas; $4.50 bloody marys

Lucy’s is restaurant first, with fried chicken of course and a selection of southern classics, grilled oysters, and daily specials

The Vibe
laid back, with more of a dinner scene than a drinking scene

Tell Me More

As a Southie, even a pescatarian one, I’ve spent plenty of time at quintessential Austin spot Lucy’s Fried Chicken down off SoCo. You don’t need to eat land animals to understand the joys of the fresh fruit blended drinks and super discounted beers on happy hour. Also, tequila butter is a thing there, so there’s that.

This, however, was my first trip to the Lucy’s on North Burnet so I was excited to check it out. The specials are the same at both joints, but the vibes are notably different. South side has more of a hangout, back yard party feel, with colorful patio tables and an open air dining area. Up North, while there’s still patio a-plenty, it has more of a quirky family dinner joint vibe. The wall art is eclectic and tells the history of Lucy’s events and accolades.

It also showcases their sense of humor, and that never-taking-themselves-too-seriously attitude that make everyone feel welcome at either location. So, no, I can’t tell you how their namesake food was, but plenty of other dedicated fans can if you’re too chicken to try it yourself (see what I did there?). The food’s not on happy hour anyway, but, if you come on the right day of the week, just about anything you could want to drink is.


Lucy’s Fried Chicken: North

Monday-Thursday 11-11, Friday & Saturday 11-12

Sunday 10-11 (brunch til 3)
5408 Burnet Road