Happy Review for Lavaca Street Bar

Lavaca Street Bar

The Quick & Dirty

Happy Hour: Monday-Friday 3-7
$2.50 domestics
$3 wells

Daily Drink Specials (all night)

“Man Movie” Monday
$4 Jameson and a movie or two

Tuesday “Deer and Beer”
$4 Cazadores (the deer) & $1.50 Tecate/Tecate light (the beer);
$3 chips and salsa, $4.50 chips and queso (via T&S Po’Boys)

Game Days
$15 buckets Bud/Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors Light

$2 mimosas (while supplies last, per personal experience)

Turf and Surf Po’Boys
Free popcorn at the bar

Tell Me More

Lavaca Street bar is a quintessential sports bar that hangs out in the warehouse district of downtown. There’s no possibility of genre confusion; there are televisions broadcasting sports everywhere. From one vantage point I counted 13 visible televisions. 13. For reals. And there’s also the obligatory neon signs adorning the walls, a pool table, ample seating, and nimble bartenders ready to throw a drink your way.

It’s bright and airy in the front, but dark and cavernous in the back for all those folks seeking refuge from the Austin sunshine (and vampires, obviously). Lavaca is also the home to a skeeball league (did I not mention there was skeeball) – so if you want to play, either avoid Wednesdays and Sundays or join the league. The discounted happy hour drinks cater to their crowd – domestics and wells (you don’t need a fancy cocktail while rooting on your favorite team, now do you). And there are daily specials if you wander in on a Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.

If you’re hungry and don’t want to spend any cash on eats, go for the free popcorn tucked in a corner behind the bar. If you can’t be sustained on popcorn alone, there’s a restaurant in the dark corner to the left that serves up tacos, po’ boys, and salads, among other things. The seafood is sold at market price, just so you know. The turf is set in ink. Ready, set, go team!

Drink well, drink cheap

Lavaca Street Bar

Monday-Friday 11-2, Saturday & Sunday 12-2
405 Lavaca Street