Garage Happy Hour


The Quick & Dirty

Monday-Friday 5-7p

$6 cocktails

None yet, but word is that Garage is developing a menu

Hip, dark, moody, cool, different, vintage yet modern

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Garage is one of the hippest places I’ve been in town. The only sign to point you to the bar says “cocktails” (though their sign has yet to be blown off! [does anyone get that joke?]), and the bar is literally located in a parking garage, hence the name.

The interior is dark and moody, and it’s almost hard to see where you’re walking after leaving the bright Austin sun, but your eyes adjust. The bar is large and circular, and there are couches, chairs and tables throughout to allow for ample seating.

The drinks… Once you try the drinks, you’ll be glad you found your way in despite the lack of signage. The drinks are phenomenal. My boyfriend said the Old Fashioned was the best he has EVER had. I asked our server for recommendations on drinks with egg white and was glad I did so—she brought me a Pisco Sour that rivaled any I’ve had in the past. The other Drink Chicks in attendance seemed pleased with their drinks. I know one had a French 75 and another had a Pimm’s Cup, both of which I tried and loved.

As far as food goes, it sounds like Garage is developing a menu, but we didn’t have any food while there. Garage is a great place to go for specialty cocktails if you want to be somewhere that makes you feel cool, but that also allows for relaxed, chill conversation.


503 W Colorado St

Phone: 850-648-4200