East Side Showroom Happy Hour

East Side Showroom

The Quick & Dirty

Daily 5-7
Monday 5-close

$1 off draft beer & glasses of wine
discounted bites
$5 cocktails: French 75, Pimm’s Cup, El Diablo,
Moscow Mule & Old Fashioned

classy, dark, romantic

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East Side Showroom: Because electric lights are for suckers.
East Side Showroom: Party like it’s 1932.
East Side Showroom: What we lack in comfortable seating we make up for in romantic ambience.*

Seriously though, East Side Showroom is always at the top of my list for date night or introducing out-of-towners due to its unique early century ambiance. The décor features gas lights and old booze barrels cleverly disguising the server window. The drink menu mixes classic cocktails with the bar’s own signature drinks, and the bartenders are well-versed in their craft should you have any questions.

I recommend stopping in on a Monday when happy hour goes all night and you can try a selection of tried and trues for only $5 each. The only downside to the drink menu is that the Moscow Mule doesn’t come in a tin mug. To me, it’s just not a mule without it.

The Pimm’s Cup, however, is a favorite of several of the Drink Chicks. So tell your Tinder date to grab her gloves and meet you at the East Side Showroom. (East Side Showroom: If you can’t get lucky after here, you can’t get lucky anywhere, Greaseball.)

*Those taglines are free, y’all. Go crazy.

East Side Showroom

Daily 5-2
1100 East 6th Street