Craftsman Happy Hour


The Quick & Dirty Craftsman Bar

Monday-Friday 4pm-7pm

$7 specialty house cocktails;
$5 draft beers;
$5 Prosecco on tap

Tell Me More About Craftsman

Craftsman has the feel of a Rainey bar transplanted to the East side with that appealing Rainey style of a renovated family home with the laid back, slightly edgy vibe of the up and coming East Chavez area. The rooms are spacious, and dramatically lit giving the place a very cool feel.

The patio boasts a Southside Flying Pies trailer and tetherball -charming if a bit anachronistic. It’s like if your middle school field day had drinking, i.e. delightful. The happy hour menu is still somewhat in flux as they test out different options so come feeling flexible. The staples, however, are $1 beers, dirt-cheap whiskey shots, and mules featuring house-made ginger so whatever they have on offer is bound to make you happy.

The manager turned us on to adding chili & lime to our $1 Highlife ponies making a drink that was affordable, adorable, and festive all in one; that’s the friggin’ dream, y’all. The addition of Craftsman fills out East Chavez’s growing bar scene giving it best happy hour hop potential, and Craftsman’s specials go all night so there’s no need to cut the party short after sunset.


Stray Observations

  • Ladies, that bathroom has some serious selfie potential
  • Tetherball is not a game for the feint of heart
Monday-Saturday 4p-2a, Sunday 1p-2a
2000 East Cesar Chavez